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Motivation * Please explain your motivation to take active part in preparation of this event
Experience * Please list and explain previous experience (if any) with the topics of this event
Experience in events * What is your experience (if any) with participating in and/or organizing international youth activities
Overview * Please read project information section of the Call and give your overview on the topics addressed (not more than 500 words)
Contribution * Please explain how you think that you can contribute to the work of the preparatory team in the preparations and in the implementation of the project (special skills, knowledge, contacts, etc.)
Camping Experience * The camp will take place with considerably less amount of comfort and infrastructure, but in natural and sustainable working and living conditions for 2 weeks.' - Do you have experience working in similar conditions? How do you see yourself working in these conditions?
Follow Up * Please explain how do you see follow up of this event and what do you think your role could be
Dietary/accesibility * Do you have any dietary and/or accessibility requirements?
Languages * Your working languages:

By clicking the Submit button, I herewith confirm that the information given in this application are correct and that I will be available for all the planned preparatory activities, implementation and follow up of the project (preparations period 10.6.2011-6.08.2011 e mail and phone work and one prep team meeting participation, implementation period 7.08.2011-17.08.2011, participation, and follow up period 18.08.2011-18.10.2011 e mail work).

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